Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recycling OLD Wall St Compensation = POTS

Would recycling those greenbacks from back in the day be part of the solution?

IMAGINE, yes imagine if Wall St.'s boards, management and employees aka financial engineers commission, bonus checks, stock grants of yore could be placed on the table; at the same table, importantly as a second place-holder, behind the interests of the US Taxpayer.

If recycling is not palatable or acceptable to Wall St. ask anyone in the Airline business - what salary concessions, compensation cuts are all about; and the sacrifices that are required when times are tough.

Further; be reminded that Wall St.'s wildly profitable successess of the recent past & problems of today are indeed ALL SELF CREATED; not so with the airlines; innocent victims of 9/11.

Yes these monies may not be much compared to the proposed $700 Billion but could be seen as at least a symbolic demonstration of confidence in their own cooking and a modicum of good faith Wall Streeters are asking the US Treasury and US Taxpayer to contribute to their collective rescue; corporate, jobs, families and communities. 

It's all about alignment of interests and resources to a common goal!

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