Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is a prudent fiduciary result at all possible? US Treasury - Crossing the LINE into partnership with TARP banks?

As a result do TARP recipients, the Big 5 banks, receiving good US taxpayer dollars for toxic assets owe a fiduciary duty to the US Treasury / taxpayer?

What is the US Treasury thinking, contemplating?
What is, if any, the training in fiduciary responsibility of civil servants at the US Treasury, Federal Reserve and TARP banks management?
What is the fiduciary capacity of all of our elected officials - federal, state, county and local?

If parties are not trained, educated and informed what result is likely to befall the taxpayer.

For example.
Upon receipt of US Taxpayer monies, is the Treasury requiring acknowledgement of a duty of undivided loyalty or is it arms-length, perhaps even an adverse relationship?

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