Thursday, January 8, 2009

The stimulus cure as proposed could kill the patient

Spending NO – Investment YES

Any and all US Taxpayer monies should NOT be used in any way for consumer spending – that’s what got us into this mess we are in to begin with! Is there any debate about that? Good.

Let’s talk about what will work; it's called rewarding INVESTMENT.

Give NEW INVESTMENTS in real estate – 100% tax free gains and or 100% tax free income from investment properties provided:
There’s a holding period (minimum 3, 5 or 7 years), improvements (increasing jobs) are made to properties which could include energy efficient (ex. solar) improvements. Investment pools or securities could be offered to investors to stimulate same; this will have a market balancing effect.

More buyers will find it attractive to get into the real estate market countering the growing number of sellers.

This approach allows the real estate market to balance on its own - local investors know local values the best; get rid of government bailouts for most mortgage borrowers who borrowed too much; except those who could not have known better - elderly and or disabled; the rest can exercise their rights to sue (assuming there is a bar member willing to take on the case) their lenders, appraisers, agents who got them into these deals to begin with. And the Wall St. brokers, investment banks, hedge funds, banks, mutual funds and other entities which own mortgage backed securities may finally see stabilization in values; given the removal of artificial financial and economic life support.

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