Sunday, February 22, 2009

And the Oscar goes to: Wall St - Big 8 - BFD How to separate taxpayers from their money

Tonight is Oscar night and in "recogntion" of the 81st annual ceremony Wall St now calls payment of bonuses in cash, “awards” – very timely! I wonder if, when such awards show up in the lucky winners' bank accounts they may be any other color but green?

And of course, this script change was noted by the Academy and received a very special late inclusion in the new category for best "Dcoumentary - special effect"!

Mind you there are no Child Actors here: ADULTS ONLY!

BFD (Breach of Fiduciary Duty) in how to separate Taxpayers from their cash!

OSCAR for Best Film and Supporting Cast to:

The Big 5 banks and Wall St brokerage firms.
Supporting cast (the food chain)
(Sleeping most days except 2 - pay day and bonus day)
Mortgage brokers
Real Estate Appraisers
Mortgage Lenders
Real Estate Agents
The Federal Reserve, Mr Greenspan, Mr Bernanke, Mr Geithner SEC, FINRA (NASD)
Congress both the Senate and House
State securities administrators
State insurance regulators
Delinquent borrowers (not all are victims)
Negligent masquerading advisers
And let’s not forget Fannie and Freddie
And the Hedge Funds – dancing to the music of the night

The Media - TV, Financial Newspapers, Magazines and others for journalistic amnesia & vigorous cheerleading while the Wall St BONUS parade was marching by

They and we could all take a reminder and life lesson from Jerry Lewis, winner of the Oscar for Humanitarian award whose introduction included “I shall pass thru this world but once, any good that I can do...”

and hold on tight to your cash; in the meantime the BIG 8 will be holding onto that Golden Statue - good thing for them it's made of gold!

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