Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Evaluate BB and TG first as ordinary citizens not as regulators

What real estate properties did they personally own? Mortgage?
Did they stay put, trade up or refinance and or pull cash out?
The majority of Americans did NOT move, trade up, flip or go crazy, did BB or TG?

During 2000's did the value of homes in their very own neighborhoods go down, stay about the same or hockey stick? If so why?

Did the value of homes in their previous neighborhoods stay the same, decline or hockey stick? If so why?

Did the value of houses they grew up in stay the same, go down or hockey stick? If so why?

Did the value of the college housing they resided in stay the same, go down or hockey stick? If so why?

The above reference value are things that reasonable adults in general, stay apprised of; there was no shortage of BBQ or cocktail party chatter.

Did the landscape of flowers, bushes, trees and tulips grow so beautful and tall that they caused the above to hockey stick? If so why?

Or was it the massive Wall St. leverage growing so nicely and paying out those handsome hockey stick bonuses? If so why?

Maybe BB and TG don't know or watch hockey - so they have an excuse; like color blindness they don't know a hockey stick when they see one. Wonder if they know what a boomerang is?

Sportin' Headline 2006 - (not a typo):
And for real - in the media that is, when did BB learn enough about real estate when the Wall St Journal headline appeared: “Bernanke Suggests Sinking Housing Market Could Dampen Growth” WSJ, October 5th. TG reported to BB – connect the dots! What did they know and fail to act upon? Maybe I might have missed it; but I didn't notice if the chairman wrote an Op-Ed piece to reject the headline - did you?

For TG, did he not notice that certain few banks FDIC insured demand deposits swelled in the 2003 to 2007 time period - and it wasn't due to attractive interest rates paid to depositors. Did anyone investigate the source of same? Did anyone bother to see that same banks broker dealer affiliates long standing proprietary money market funds assets were dropping? Despite having better yields than the insured (affiliated) bank deposits. Was anyone connecting the dots? Or is that just a child''s play?

Another series of siesta (anyone know the plural of siesta?) on the taxpayers dime.

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