Sunday, August 2, 2009

Congress should make self employment income tax free - for the unemployed - for now

Today the NY Times ran an article Unemployment Benefits expiring soon for thousands; and if emergency legislation is not passed over 1 million will be off the roles, however, for the convenience of certain elected officials that also means that they will NOT be counted in the Unemployment rate. 37 comments were posted - a few empathetic, several offered advice on how to cope but many lambasted and ridiculed some just less fortunate.

A modest Employment benefit proposal comes to mind - Congress, may consider this.
AMERICANS FOR TAX FREE SELF EMPLOYMENT. Everyone, especially those currently unemployed and each of their dependent children could perhaps be incented at the margin with zero, tax free income from self employment - knock on doors, every business needs more sales reps, you never know the places you'll go, what does it take to get started, gain a foothold, for kids - washing cars, mowing lawns, baby sitting, tutoring, teach someone for a fee especially older adults how to use software, or introduce them to all the new services, tools available on the internet, starting and promoting an internet business or someone else's business, creating a new service for others in their communities, organizing office files, shredding.

Think, what are you good at? What can you do better, faster and cheaper than everyone else?
If you're a master at certain video games - you could charge a fee to teach others how to play like you. Paypal makes it easy

What's the price or value of your service? Is it worth $10 or $30 per project? Since theres 20 working days each month that could be $600 extra each month and $7,200 a year.

Be a concierge for service for certain groups of people who have more money than time to do things - for example, pick up / drop off laundry, post office, dry cleaning, meds, groceries, be a reliable, available bike delivery / messenger for local restaurants or businesses, distribute menus, flyers for same. Advertise your new service on Craigslist for free, for example, to do research of whatever you are good at (don't worry about what others might be good at ok?).

Look up and visit with you local Chamber of Commerce officers at their business, knock on doors again - learn about how and why they started their business - learn their stories and you might find a connection to your feelings too. Be willing as many have, started in the "mailroom", worked harder than everyone else and rose to run a department or even their own shops.

Are you subtly letting the job market drive the bus of your life or is there perhaps a way for you to take a little more control, eventually take command and responsibility for your life and set a life long lesson in place for your kids to repeat or are you dooming them to a life of feelings of dependency upon others when self determination is always the best solution?

As a self employed person you decide who your customers are, how hard you will work to earn someone's business, when you work, how much you will work for and very importantly, you are in 100% in control of the quality of service. What's not to like about that and a Government that's willing to bootstrap you.

Is the desperation, despair and depression the governments' plan for your feelings or ....?
It's better than sitting home feeling helpless, hopeless, powerless, sorry for yourself and infected and under the control of the job market. You write your job description, you decide how hard you wnat to work, the feelings you have are caused by you, there is no law or rule that dictates your feelings - only you can decide to feel and act differently. Diversify your ideas a bit - try to get 2 or 3 ideas going - be open to change. So keep doing what you're doing and tomorrow do a little more and soon you might start feeling better. Of course, no one need wait for Congress - now is always the best time to positively change your life.

You're in business.
The simple IRS site to apply for and get instantly - yes instantly a taxpayers' business ID (EIN) is at,,id=102767,00.html

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