Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Selective Economic Realityuptake Inhibitor (SERI) and Fiduciary Attention Deficit disorder (FADD) caused officials at Fed and UST to BFD...

Denial of economic reality and inattention have led to the discovery that certain officials at the Fed and US Treasury may have SERI and FADD; these oft undiagnosed maladies have so far escaped experts at the AMA American Media Association and some say especially prominent in the Financial Media - perhaps itself suffering from a severe case of APACOI Avoidable Principal Agent Conflicts of Interest.

As for BFD - officials would not comment, since they have yet to go through any formal fiduciary training; with a bag packed already for the all important summer beach reading.

Officials would neither confirm nor deny reports; noting that that is standard procedure as concerns most if not all economic data.

Taxpayers, of all stripes continue biding their time doing what they've been doing for 2 years now - sitting in the WAITING Room...however patience is wearing a bit thin these days.

All they want are the honest appraisals from elected politicians. Tax payers recognize that politicians are not magicians; but someone better TELL the Fed and UST that they are held to the expert standard - so far less than expert.

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