Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Burlington Northern; may be just priceless...information to Mr Buffett

Imagine, the head start on the "market" if you could triangulate securities gum shoes earnings reports, channel checks, industry confabs, supplier checks, conference calls, forward looking statements and official guidance, the Reg FD variety with REAL time shipping information from...manifests.

It's likely what Mr Buffett had in mind when he conjured up buying the railroad giant. Priceless, information, not just who is shipping, and where it's going, not just whether it's more or less weight compared to the previous shipment but likely SKU level information available to the investment pros "faster-than-I-can-type-this-sentence-fast" back in Omaha. Got SKU's and their origins and destinations can triangulate gross margins-critical to forecasting EPS.

BUT WAIT IT'S EVEN BETTER...shippers can't just show up to BN's with a container and say ship this to Chicago for me; they have to, da da da arrange for and disclose what they're shipping IN ADVANCE.

What could be better for the lucky Berkshire Hathaway shareholders and for Mr Buffett.

You never know what you'll think of when you watch one of those miles long Burlington freight trains wind slowly around the bend when you're driving from LA to Vegas.

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