Sunday, October 23, 2011

Only the good...

assets (or what's left) in around the Euro zone are likely to experience that correlation event that makes models (and their technicians) sputter and gasp as they are victimized by their very liquidity, as bids head south in a hurry, deja vu all over again. Liquidity seekers find out real quick what they can sell in a hurry; it's not complicated, sort of like when your significant other doesn't answer your ring - when you really need them; dealers' that same interminable, telling...honest ring.

What's bad (assets) in the Euro zone will always be as it always was; any liquidity has long ago dried up; no matter the extra moisturizer from sponsors' sponsors.

Sort of like, make that a Gresham's law comeuppance only applied to markets of securities; not suspecting, but deserved indeed inevitable.

How many times do we have to suffer through this video tape.

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