Friday, January 27, 2012

Shhhhhhhh....please be quiet, I'm trying to play capitalism...

This piece is an invitation for anyone else to document, contribute or just write about their own personal experiences as to how the financial crisis has interrupted, disrupted their lives, others, and or business or any other pursuits.

So - Shhhhh…I’m trying to play capitalism, has had huge effect on me. Every day it seems there is new information. Mind you not just incremental daily creep of news BUT often seismic news. Just this past week the NY AG, who had initiated investigation into any and all mortgage banking practices, was named to head a new federal investigation. So, although I didn't have to, I begin to read, research into what happened to cause this, why, who was involved and what other agendas may be at play in contrast to a plain old vanilla investigation the Empire State AG has enough wits to launch LAST year.

How long did that interruption take me to do? Probably an hour or more; it's not just the elapse of time; it's the interruption and sapping of the precious daily amount of creative energy I have away from other pursuits.

See my point is, with all the interruptions of news, (and I'm not even counting the social media disruptions) NORMAL capitalism, defined perhaps with an extra spoonful of nostalgia, free markets don't happen. News and information drive markets. Free markets, at least those we deserve, are for example, like the familiar parties of guys and girls, girls compete with each other and guys compete with each other to get their choice preference in rank order and guys we know there ain't closing time; by the way the girls already know that we know this and are LONG gone before it even comes close to that point.

However, getting back to the party for capitalism, there is a new, brutish and uninvited guest - the Fed. In addition he's a financial drug dealer, having arrived dressed not in a toga, but a white doctors coat and has a matching beard.

The capitalism party, has always been played by the same open, understood and agreed upon in advance rules of Darwinian competition and winners and losers; only to be played at the next week's party. Except, for the past few years the brute has shown up and in fact held press conferences so as to tell us one more time that he's a student of TGD (right - we heard it the very first time) after the party so as to improve his image.

Pretty soon, those who had been attending the Party for Capitalism decided to stay home, not even go out, just wasn't fun for anymore; because they've been hearing there's now even more weird people showing up at the party with the financial drugs.

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