Monday, May 10, 2010

Goldmans' Abacus CDO - party's connections...

The parties: Mr Paulson, IKB, ACA and Goldman.

What do all the parties have IN common? Answer = Goldman
Which party insisted on an independent 3rd party collateral manager? Answer = IKB
Which party came up with the idea for this Abacus? Answer = Mr Paulson
Which party found investors including IKB? Answer = Goldman
Which party did Mr Paulson send his lists to? Answer = Goldman
Which party assumed Mr Paulson was an investor? Answer = ACA
Which party had 100% control of above information? Answer, as nearly always = Goldman.

Which party selectively shared same? Answer = Goldman
Why? Answer = ask Goldman, and ask for the tape recordings of trader's conversations.

Or in the alternative, Subtract Goldman from the transaction -from beginning to end, then ask yourself would there likely have been more or less awareness, and information known, and SHARED? Seems More to this writer.

Also - how many deals did IKB buy BEFORE this particular CDO? Were all, some or none of those deals generated indeed requested by other Goldman customers like Mr Paulson?

What are such deals?
How did buyers fare?
In contrast to the parties' which requested short specific MBS credits?

We may never know - but appears that we should huh?

Do the math - connect the dots - open BOTH your eyes and see the obvious. Subject to proof.

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