Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wall St Fraud - may better be proved by what was NOT done, choices NOT made, reps & warranties NOT made

Yes - it's all about Information - that can create value but before value is conceieved we must consider the epistemology of the acquisition, indeed awareness of the presence of information which may become knowledge - leading to expectations, concerns, and risk and reward, indeed pricing of same.

So when Wall St spends upwards of billions of dollars per annum on systems and people - who has the MOST information?
The house.
Financial markets are based upon "fair dealing" - so is it fair to:
NOT share the other side of a trade?
Is it fair to hide the genesis of the idea to create the transaction?
Is it fair to NOT share with a 3rd party collateral manager, there to act as an arms length intermediary so as to avoid certain conflicts, the purpose, parties of a transaction?

Would Goldman feel treated fairly if in the position of their customers and denied information known and possessed? I doubt it.

Join me in the Clawback Coalition for the recovery of billions of past CASH bonuses paid to certain Wall St traders, managers, supervisors and officers and boards.

Cash bonuses the result of CONVERSION - fraudulent asset valuations on and off balance sheet at certain investment banks. Simply stated Asset values set the stage, the compensation base of proprietary traders' cash compensation.

Join me - one word comes to mind for these types of individuals - JAIL.

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