Thursday, May 13, 2010

South Beach diet replaced by South Med diet rich in Greek, Spanish, Portuguese sacrifice - supposedly - but who's next

ON paper only - austerity measures - fiscal diets - forced waist (better stated, waste) trimming - assuming the citizen's basic needs including the essential need of to be heard, to be "represented" - don't take to the streets. Will the media, like Bloomberg on Flash Crash Thursday, spend just enough screen time showing and more importantly ZOOMING in on the street riot to stoke fear - in the markets and elsewhere?

OR more importantly will politicians, agree on a new fiscal fortitude and comply - what then may become the new payoff medium - digital greenbacks, or coupons or just coming back to the age old cycle of soliciting, then peddling of indulgences?

Or is there a silver lining - a full fledged decline for fiscal obesity, an approaching end for human diabetes - will the new austerity challenge the erstwhile fiscal, corporate junk food diet - on the go, at the kitchen tables, on the streets and in and among political capital(s)?

Would the US benefit from similar belt tightening - oh yes; but politically untenable seems for decades and now - then again me asks - whether capitalism would have defeated communism 20 years ago - or is it as Yogi Berra intoned "It ain't over until the Fat Lady sings"

How about that Yogi-ism - a neat connection to necessary consumption constraints - can't wait til it's over.

Ending the siesta on the taxpayers' dime one little, easy to read blog at a time.

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