Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Go BIG money; I mean go - take your break...

Progressive Insurance's TV commercials are more than entertaining - they're instructive.
And apply to the Fed's potential redux of LSAPs Large Scale Asset Purchase programs.
See the recent NY Fed paper summarizing past programs' "effectiveness" but I suggest a reminder quoting the famous economist Yogi Berra "the game ain't over 'til it's over...".
When the Fed is NOT discounting the undeniable - that of flooding markets with cash money - so when claiming that certain programs yielded 36% recently - do as they did to Roger Maris and put an *.
See "Stock and Bond markets deserve an *..." from May 2009 here.
Why? Because it's 1) doable, 2) knowable and 3) the right thing to do.

Future Treasury issuance should include a list of all ingredients and secret ingredients - so as to match the intellectual capacity status of the current and future obligees; aka future generations. Why? This writer suggests that future generations may find the wiggle room; 1) in between the two levels of suitability analysis, 2) the new Dodd Frank Act requiring a fiduciary duty on the 18 Primary Dealers related to distribution of same and 3) the centuries - old pre - Revolutionary War maxim "no taxation without representation" to disclaim some or all responsibility for repaying this indebtedness. The current so called secret ingredients inherent in ALL on and off the run Treasury's - are secret for what reason(s)?

Remember that one of the reasons that Mr bernanke HIMSELF cited was he didn't appreciate the flaws as here "“What I did not recognize was the extent to which the system had flaws and weaknesses in it that were going to amplify the initial shock from subprime and make it into a much bigger crisis,” this from 2007.

In parallel, perhaps Mr Bernanke may recognize the need for ALL investors to have ALL and MORE available information? Then investors can make a fully informed decision to invest - in the meantime - they're sitting waiting watching from the sidelines; when the Fed actually needs investors to be on the field; INCREDULOUSY, it's as if the San Francisco Giants correction Texas Rangers would just let Cliff Lee sit the bench and only watch - not actually pitch in the World Series. It's preposterous! The Clearinghouse Association members may in fact benefit from investors return to the "markets" or is there some ominous, unflattering stuff being hidden?

And when the Supreme Court may decide to hear the case against the Fed to disclose such secrets perhaps it may look to its recent controversial decision to unleash political voice to corporate money - from any source - and in secret no less - at least temporarily. Perhaps that voice - may require accountability that certain banks' and NON FDIC insured affiliates of same under the FDIC's TLGP http://www.fdic.gov/regulations/resources/TLGP/total_issuance09-10.html
program aka the "clearing house association"- Fed and FDIC secrets are outstripped by the Public's (current and future generations) right to know...deserving of timely and full disclosure. Or is it a matter that certain bank's franchise may be viewed near or close to the zone of insolvency - then and /or now? Or that the Fed may be similarly recognized?

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