Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let the pitchforks pitch forth or why is Obama withholding the truth? Not telling the truth is a BFD!

In March or April 2009 Mr Obama traveled to Wall St to make his case directly to the CEOs' of the Too Big to be allowed to fail club members for financial reform; during that speech he stated "look, I'm the only thing standing between you guys and the pitchforks." Or maybe Obama plans a scary show this Hallowe'en weekend when the PITCHFORKS come out for Trick or Treat!

Mr Obama is fighting for his life - politically. There can be little doubt he knew something when he made the "pitchforks" comment. By definition the CEOs knew that feelings of "pitchforks" were widely held by taxpayers; as there was no debate then or now over the existence of same.

There can be little doubt Mr Obama, by all accounts a very smart guy and quick study, has been FULLY informed since Fall 2008 (or before) by his aides, Mr Summers, Mr Geithner, Mr Bernanke, Mr Emmanuel (the only senior adviser I believe who actually ever worked on Wall St,) and Mr Paulson in the dark days of Fall 2008 before the election and certainly after he won the election in November 2008. Or have these officials purposely withheld or marginalized certain critical information from the President under national security / currency concerns?

What is preventing Mr Obama from telling the unvarnished truth to the American public aka taxpayers - we're adults - we know there's a problemo that's not going away anytime soon - PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU KNOW - AND WHEN YOU KNEW IT - NOT DOING SO MAKES IT A BFD! What are the likely parties who caused the never-been-seen-before economic and financial desperation???

BFD means breach of fiduciary duty to present and future generations of Americans including the all military and their families who in too many cases are making the ultimate sacrifice.

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