Friday, October 8, 2010

To Ron Paul - no need to audit the Fed; it's near the Fed's last dance - Fed creates then drowns in its own ocean of (excess) liqudity...

Mike Holland is on Bloomberg TV talking about an "Ocean of liquidity".
And that all asset classes are rising due to this ocean of liquidity.

The Fed’s Bake Shop
It’s not if but WHEN speculation runs rampant and PERMANENTLY affects the currency AND global trade (among the remaining source and hope for real economic growth).

More and more and more Dollars do NOT boost real economic on the ground activity
More and more and more dollars SIMPLY boost prices (NOT value) of financial assets & commodities until…the Fed loses control.

Hence the need to audit the Fed will be a thing of the past - when the Fed is finally recognized - and ceases to be what it was originally intended to be.

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