Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is it too revealing? Market and MEDIA clearing information...Is the Fed Carrier #1?

Nature abhors a vacuum. Applies to the financial media. Replacement media will step forth into the void self created by the present talking heads unless outlets start calling a spade a shovel.

Media's Job 1 is holding players fully accountable - when knowable, that means connecting the dots based upon known data. Still financial media outlets continue to overwhelming showcase, favor long bias. Intentional corruption inherent in the financial media is rampant, beholden to sponsors' interests is fraud. ONLY when the Media fills the market with balanced, correct and complete information will we have something closer to reliable "market clearing" transactions in the so - called capital markets then all sectors of the real economy. Accounting gimmicks need to be revealed for what they are. This would create a temporary period of adjustment however, 1) a thesh hold comfort level will start to form and 2) what else is there to disclose? Squarely and widely addressing these concerns once and for all is paramount and represent what's needed to get the economy going again. Indeed the new stock bull market some have called for this week could be born in overcoming naysayers' legitimate concerns.

Which so called NEWS organization will publish a real set of indices to deduct all artificial Federal Reserve, FDIC and US Treasury, SEC and FASB support both direct and indirect from so called "market prices"? Why? Because as stated here in May 2009 "Stock Bond Markets deserve (like Roger Maris) an asterisk*" it's knowable, doable, and the right thing. The NYSE has reported margin financed stock buying for decades so that investors see by deducting the amount of margin how much long stock value is fully paid for.

Bloomberg reports Gary Shilling believes that even at an average historical 14 x P/E ratio stocks are presently overvalued, and despite the debasing QE2, the dollar may strengthen due to the Euro's present unattractiveness. Mr Shilling's statements seem to indicate he has the or most of the information; so why not publish it?

Certainly the Fed 3.0 (third bank of the United States), is in a word OBESE in three ways 1) near $2T from QE1 gorged further by QE2 to near $3T balance sheet AND with questionable valuations, 2) possessed of all information, or at least it should be, should and could publish this information; or 3) is it too revealing, grotesque, distasteful, pornographic and/or just off charter?

Or will nature take care of this one too? As asked many times when will we see Fed 4.0 (fourth incarnation of the Bank of the United States) with a new face? What's to hide? The Fed's INTENTIONAL withholding of the nature, extent and names of counterparties is in a word FRAUD. Four Frauds upon 1) current and future taxpayers, 2) domestic and global creditors, 3) US States which are grossly prejudiced and 4) because creditors are investors means the Fed is THE party enabling a breach of fiduciary duty to beneficiaries of those investors' funds - globally!

Is the Fed carrier #1?
Is the Fed simply 1) rebranding, 2) re-securitizing and 3) re-transmitting housing bubble securities under the US Treasury label the world over? Maybe? How will the Fed defend itself in a lawsuit brought on behalf of the US Treasury or global creditors??? Hmmmm...

As a prominent legal expert states "fiduciary duty is an extremely broad concept and likely to cause liability to be found in new situations"...Large HHHHMMMM....

Is it any wonder the Economist reports China may go on it's acquisition spree while Greenbacks still have value? Here excerpt "To reject China’s advances would thus be a disservice to future generations, as well as a deeply pessimistic statement about capitalism’s confidence in itself." and here?

Ending the siesta on the taxpayers' dime - one easy to read blog at a time.

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