Wednesday, November 17, 2010

STD’s cause global outbreak of BFD; legal action appears inevitable; jawboning retired. China is ON NOTICE and has a Duty to Mitigate losses...

China owns about $1T worth of US Treasury securities. It is ON NOTICE of the Fed’s BFD. China, for the moment is in legal parlance, and perhaps unwittingly ratifying the Fed’s BFD.

China has not sent a writing to the US Treasury or the Fed complaining about the BFD.

China, now on notice of the BFD, also has a duty to do what? MITIGATE potential losses. Repeat, take steps to reduce its exposure to losses related to its holdings of US Treasuries…hmmm, make that a large HHHHMMMMMMMM.

When, not if China brings an action against the Fed and US Treasury, how will the Fed and the US Treasury defend their actions and themselves, fiduciaries in many circumstances are held personally liable.

STD’s are Securitization Transmitted Damages. Special FiduciaryALERT™ here.

BFD means Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

Ending the siesta on current and future US taxpayers’ and global creditors’ dime – one easy to read blog at a time.


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