Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unless it is prudent not to do so...wither diversification FROM the "Reserve Currency" k/n/a US Dollar? By the Fed and 18 Primary Dealers

Prudence does not require PREVENTION but mitigation of the risk of large losses and IS the central decision in managing assets. Diversification is THE way to accomplish the required mitigation; unless under the circumstances it is prudent not to do so.

When the Fed and certain banks largely in a certain Federal Reserve district east of the Hudson, most of whom also double as the Primary Dealers, next check Google Earth they may awake from their slumber and see billions of person units of intellectual, productive, consumer, indeed capital power - in contrast to that which underpins the present Reserve Currency.

So as penned here a few weeks back will the Fed, with a fiduciary duty of undivided loyalty owed to both the US taxpayer and EVERY current and future American citizen and certain banks which owe a fiduciary duty to their shareholders BUT not their creditors unless in the zone of insolvency seek as prudence would require to DIVERSIFY FROM THE HERETOFORE ALMIGHTY US DOLLAR?

When costs of future outlays may be driven MORE by what happens outside our borders than within compared to the asset mix of the portfolio established to fund them.

Of one thing I'm sure, as penned in 2008's FiduciaryALERT "Denial of Twin-flation™ is not a prudent investment strategy" 20 years from now some beneficiaries WRIT LARGE and their litigation counsel are going to ask.

Or are there ulterior motives of which we may have to continue, correction be forced to guess; due to the inexplicable, unilateral Fed, its "programs" and in particular its Chairman Mr Bernanke, brought to us by (fill in the blanks) and bought and paid for by (fill in the blanks)...AND WE CONTINUE TO INDULGE THIS BEHAVIOR AND PAY FOR IT...perhaps our enabling of this scene reflects the collectively waning respect for the ALMIGHTY US DOLLAR. Get it yet Ben? Please call a spade a shovel - for ONCE in your life!

You've charted all Beneficiaries WRIT LARGE on a path of lawlessness; Parties which created this situation are not "dead beat homeowners" but (Fill in the blanks) when YOUR duties as Fed Chairman was to ensure that YOUR law - based duties as Regulator of Last Resort were glossed over, but paid for 2x. Better start noodling on a cure for cancer or clean energy; in the mean time - you could start by telling the whole truth of what got us here and the necessity of and names of (Fill in the Blanks), nature and extent of all direct and indirect "programs" by looking in the mirror VERY closely.

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